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CM Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2018 {CMSGUY} Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme Register Now | Assam CM 2600 Tractor Distribute to Farmers Scheme | Assam Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana Tractor Scheme.

We all are very much familiar with what the farmers of our country are going through. In their day to day life they are into a very bad shape and facing many problems. Due to improper equipment and other bad material they are not able to make money for themselves.

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Due to such financial problems the farmers are not able to pay their debts and are committing suicide. So to help out the farmers from coming out of these debts every state government is making efforts. Assam Government New Initiative CM of Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme will be launched in December. Government is trying their best to support and develop the farmers of the country. Assam government is no different as they have also started various scheme to benefit the farmers of Assam state.

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Recently, Assam government released a new scheme which is known as the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme. Tractor Distribution Scheme is launched under the Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana. Tractor Distribution Scheme officially came into existence on 10th December 2017. under this scheme the tractors will be distributed among the farmers of the state.

These tractors will be provided to the farmers at a subsidized rates. The main motive of launching this new scheme is to improve the standard of living of the farmers of Assam state. The other main objective of this scheme is to bring an increase in the income of the farmers and strengthen the agriculture sector of Assam state. The government has decided to make a fully developed agriculture sector in Assam state by the year 2022.

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme /Subsidy Rate

  • Chief Minister Assam Assam Tractor Distribution 2018 will encourage & support the farming in the state and will also improve the farmers’ capability of farming.
  • The scheme will help in developing the agriculture sector of the state and the income of the farmers will also be raised.
  • In the first phase more than 10,000 tractors will be distributed among 26,000 villages
  • The distribution process will be handled by the state agricultural department.
  • The state government of Assam will be providing these tractors to the farmers at a very low price and subsidy will also be given.
  • The price of the tractor will be divided into 3 parts as 10%, 20% and 70%.
  • The 10% amount of the tractor will be paid by the farmer, 20% amount will be paid by the commercial banks and 70% amount of the tractor will be paid by the state government.

So we can say that this is a very beneficial scheme for all the farmers of Assam state. So all the farmers of Assam state must apply for this Assam Tractor Distribution in Assam.

Assam CM Tractor Distribution Scheme

To be a part of this scheme the only requirement is that the farmer must be a permanent resident of Assam state. The farmer can also take loan for this Assam Tractor Distribution. No interest will be charged on the loan amount and along with it subsidy will also be provided. If the farmer paid the loan amount on time or before time then an incentive of Rs. 3000 will also be given to that farmer. The state government of Assam is all set to start up with this plan. As within 3 months the distribution of the tractors will be done and the farmers will also be told regarding the work. The Assam CM Special Scholarship 2018 is also launched in this year, and You can check this out also. This is a great step taken by the Assam government towards their farmers. As now Assam will be having an increased farming and farmers will also lead a happy and good life. Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2018-19 will be successful if huge number of farmers Register For this. The Registration for Tractor Subsidy will be start soon.

Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme

In Assam Government will distribute a Huge number of Tractors to the Farmers. in 2018, BJP Government rule in Assam. According to News 2600 Tractors will be distributed under Subsidy. So this scheme we call as Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme by Chief Minister. This scheme is start to empower the farmers in Assam. Farmers those having less equipment, and they are doing Crop production with old Methods, There Tractors are like God for them. With the Help of Tractor Farmer double there Crop Production in one year. So government of Assam Give a Huge Subsidy on the Tractor Distribution. The Amount of Tractors are less, in First Phase. After the successful of 1st phase, 2nd phase will be start by Assam Government for Kisan.

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