How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online Steps (वर्चुअल आईडी) Procedure

How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online Steps (वर्चुअल आईडी) Procedure | 16 Digit Aadhaar Virtual ID Generate Steps, Generate UIDAI Virtual ID for Aadhaar Online.

Now a days Aadhaar card has became the most important document for every citizen of India. Aadhaar card is used every where to identify the person, his / her bank account, personal details etc. The Aadhaar card is used from small verification to any big project, for e.g. Aadhaar card is used from buying a sim card to make any big transaction in banks. As every where the Aadhaar card number is required so it can also be misused by any firm, as Aadhaar card number is linked with all the personal details of a person. So the government of India decided to reduce the chances of frauds by the Aadhaar card number.

Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online

On this approach of Indian government, UIDAI, completely known as Unique Identification Authority of India has announced to release a new security system. In this new security system the Aadhaar card holders don’t have to submit their unique Aadhaar card number with everyone. In this new security system a temporary Unique Virtual ID can be made which can be used instead of Aadhaar card number. This temporary Virtual ID will be of 16 digits and can be used in place of Aadhaar Card number whether with telecommunication service providers or with any other authentication. Today we are gosing to tell your about How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online Procedure step by step given below. There will be only one active Virtual Id for any given period of time. This Virtual ID will be valid for a specified time period and can be replaced. At the time of formation of new Virtual ID the old one will get replaced with the new one.

How To Generate Aadhar Virtual ID Online

How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online

This Virtual ID can be used anywhere, whenever any agency seeks to authenticate their personal details of Know Your Customer (KYC) services. But the Virtual ID will be used only for a limited time and then again a new Virtual ID needs to be formed.

This Virtual ID can be made as many times as the Aadhaar card holder wants to. As with, Aadhaar card number the agency gets to know all the details about the Aadhaar card holder. But with the use of Virtual Id only few details will be specified to the agency which is enough for any type of verification. This move of government will lead to strengthen the privacy and security of Aadhaar data of all the civilians of the country. The Aadhaar Virtual ID Generation will be mapped to the Aadhaar number of a person at back end and only few details will be shared with the agency, such as name, residential address etc.

How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online Steps

  1. For Generating Aadhaar Virtual ID Online You need to Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  2. The Click on the section name Generate Virtual ID For your Aadhaar
  3. Click on it and a New Window open and ask, Enter your Aadhaar Number.
  4. After Entering your Aadhaar Number,  Click on Generate OTP, and OTP Will be automatically Generate.
  5. This OTP Automatically Sent to your Aadhaar Register Phone Number.
  6. Enter your OTP IN UIDAI Website and This will automatically generate Virtual ID.
  7. This Virtual ID will be of 16 Number and you need to note down this number.
  8. After 1st March no need to give your Aadhaar Number. With the Help of this Aadhaar Virtual ID You can do your most of Works.
  9. You can generate more then one Aadhaar Virtual ID According to your need and Privacy.

The procedure of this Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID is expected to be started from 1st of March 2018. UIDAI has split the Authentication User Agency into two types as Local AUA’s and Global AUS ‘ s. for the local AUA the virtual iD will work and for Global AUA the Aadhaar Card number can also be required, as while doing a big transaction from a bank. In banks this is made mandatory to vanish away the black money. So all the Aadhaar card users can make their own Virtual IDs , as the virtual iD can be made out in the official web portal of UIDAI, Aadhaar Enrollment center, mAaadhaar mobile application etc. These virtual ID’ s will be valid in committing any kind of authentication and can be used everywhere. For getting more info and updates regarding the UIDAI Virtual ID security system, all the readers are suggested to make a visit on to the official link of UIDAI. Applicants fave any Difficulty in Generating Virtual ID of Aadhaar Online Then ask us question in the comment section below.

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