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KCC- Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme 2018 -SBI /PNB Apply Online, Kisan Credit Card Agricultral Loan Scheme 2018 | Interest Rate & Interest Calculator, KCC Loan Scheme 2018 Loan Up to 1 lakh on crop, Fasal to Farmers Only. Now it is very easy to apply for the KCC Bank Loan from the State Bank of India. The full name of this loan is Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme 2018. This loan  facility only given to the Farmer of the whole of the Nation. Because it is only the farmer who providing us the food we eat at home comfortably. The real hard job only facing two people i.e. one is farmer and 2nd one is army man. Guys the army men will already getting the benefit from the government side, but it is only the farmer whose position is not good in our area.

Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme 2018

Due to the climate or whether changes, farmers got losses in their work. Most of the farmers of our state belong to the poor families and having not good status. The Main Profession in villages is Agriculture. So Farmers Always try to get Kisan Credit Card Agricultural Loan 2018 for there crop growth and seed buying. Government already launched so many scheme for the farmers, but only few persons are able to get the benefit of these all scheme.

  • Declaration 6 below the loan amount of Rs.3 Lakh.
  • Affidavit of the borrower.
  • Bank report by the advocate if loan amount is more than of Rs.1Lakh.

Loan from State Bank of India: So guys now I am going to provide the details about that how you can avail the loan from the SBI. This scheme is know that KCC Loan avail from any branch of the State Bank of India. So guys by completing some formalities of the bank, you all can easily get the loan from the state bank of India. So guys read this article completely so that this will gives you help.

Kisan Credit Card Agriculture Loan Scheme 2018

Main Object of this scheme:  so guys  giving the facility of this scheme to all the farmers, State bank of India give you this amount for work of the Farmers of the states. Bank timely gives you this amount of loan you want , so that you all can continue your farming without any difficulties. So this will going to very helpful to the farmers. I know after reading this if you are also a farmer, it makes you more happy .

Kisan Credit Card Scheme For SBI

Eligibility Criteria for SBI Kisan Credit Card loan:

So guys under this loan scheme any agriculturist  or   farmers  can take the loan from any branch of the state bank of India with having good  record from the last  minimum two years.

Nature of the KCC Loan

Cash Credit

  1. For maintenance of agriculture machinery
  2. Implements
  3. Electricity bills
  4. Diesel charges
  5. Crop production

Term Loan

  1. For dairy Farming
  2. Sheep Breeding
  3. Fisheries
  4. Bee keeping
  5. Plantation
  6. Land development
  7. Drip irrigation

You can withdrawal the amount through the withdrawal slip of Rs.25000/- at one time and can also use your ATM card of the bank.

Interest on KCC Loan of SBI

On Crop loan

  • Upto loan of Rs.3,00,000/- rate of interest 7%.

For Term loan

  • As per limit of the amount

Repayable of  KCC loan of SBI:-

  • Cash Credit Scheme: limit repayable of loan in 12 months
  • Term Loan: maximum period to repay the loan of 5 years

How To Apply for Kisan Credit Card Loan for SBI / PNB Bank year 2018

  1. If you want to avail the Agriculture loan of KCC from State Bank of India or Punjab Nation Bank (PNB), visit the nearest branch of your area.
  2. The SBI Offcial Page for KCC Loan – Check Here
  3. For PNB Bank KCC Loan 2018 – Check here .
  4. Now meet to the Branch Manager and inquired about this loan facility about everything e. about rate of interest, repayment of loan , subsidy etc.
  5. Next they will gives you application form and ask you for the documents required for the loan.
  6. Now fill the application form and attached the documents required.
  7. Have to submit the form of Declaration 6 given by the bank staff.

So guys for more details visit the bank branch or can ask any question to us. Question having Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme 2018 for SBI & Pnb will be ask in the comment section Below any time. KCC Loan Scheme is one of the Biggest Vardan for Farmers of India. Government Start KCC Loan in Bank on 4% Interest Rate. In this scheme you can take up to 1 Lakh Rupees form any bank like SBI, PNB, Cooperative bank etc. Under this The actual loan interest is More then this. But the remaining amount will be paid by the government to bank. This scheme only for the farmers those having land. KCC Bank Loan Facility is start by central government to encourage small business, Micro Units startups those need low Amount of Monday. If you fill your loan with in one year, then you have to pay only 4% interest rate.

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    It is good information. Different Banks apply different rate of interest on KCC Account.

    Pls advise loan wavied by Rajasthan govt. RS.50000 applicable for KCC OR only for co-operative societies loan.


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