Missing? How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online 2018 [Download] Form

Missing? How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online 2018 [Download] Form | Duplicate Ration Card Tamailnadu |  | Andhra Pradesh | Karnataka | Haryana | Chennai | Rajasthan | Kerala | Uttar Pradesh | Delhi | Download Duplicate Ration Card Online.

Description of the Ration Card : process to apply for the duplicate Ration card : how to apply for the duplicate Ration card online & offline.

Ration card is an official document entitling the holder to a ration of food, fuel and other goods issued by the government of India. Ration cards are primarily used to buy the subsidized food items. Ration cards are in use since the world war II and at present also the use of ration card continues in almost every state India. India’s Public Distribution System (PDS) is based on the ration cards only.

How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online 2018

Every citizen of India can apply for the Ration card. It is also used as an important identity proof. But the main purpose of Ration card is buy the subsidized food items from the ration store. It is very much beneficial for the poor people of the country to buy food items and fuel at subsidized rates. The food items given through the ration card contains wheat, rice, sugar etc and the fuel given is the kerosene oil.

How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online 2018

How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online 2018

Most of the people hold Ration card and it is a very important document even as the identity proof. As sometimes our important things also gets misplaced and same may be the case with ration card. The ration card can also get misplaced, stolen or damaged. So the government has also started a process of issuing a duplicate ration card. The duplicate ration card will only be issued if the original one is misplaced, stolen or is damaged badly. There are many cases in which such circumstances appears and then people needs to get an duplicate ration card. For applying for the duplicate copy of ration card the government has also started an online process. Earlier there was only the offline method to apply for the ration card. But now the people can apply for the duplicate ration card in any of the mode either online or offline.

Duplicate Ration Card Tamilnadu

In the offline mode the person just have to get the application form from the nearest ration store. The fill the application form, attach the required documents and submit it therein. The documents required at the time of submitting the application form are mentioned below…

  1. An application written by the head of the family in which the reason for issuing a duplicate ration card must be mentioned.
  2. An copy of FIR, in case the ration card is stolen.
  3. A xerox of ration card, if available.
  4. Passport size photograph.
  5. Address proof such as through electricity bill, water bill, Aadhar card etc.

After attaching all these documents with the application form submit it and then a duplicate copy of ration card will be issued. Whereas in the online mode the person has to visit the official site. The site for every state will be different, so make a log in to the site of respective state and then follow the steps given below…

  • Click on the link for Apply Online for Duplicate Ration Card.
  • Download the Application Form witch is Given Below.

Download Application Form in English

[pdf-embedder url=”http://jiodthbookingonline.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Application-Form-for-Duplicate-Ration-Card-English.pdf” title=”Application Form for Duplicate Ration Card English”]


You can also Download Form in Hindi

[pdf-embedder url=”http://jiodthbookingonline.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Application-Form-for-Duplicate-Ration-Card-Hindi.pdf” title=”Application Form for Duplicate Ration Card Hindi”]


  • Fill this application form for lost Ration Card, with Required Information.
  • Fill all the details in the form and attach the required documents.
  • Then click on submit.

How To Get Duplicate Ration Card Online State Wise

Andhra Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh






Madhya Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh





Jammu & Kashmir






West Bengal








Arunachal Pradesh




By these simple steps the person can apply for the duplicate ration card. Ration card is an important document and the people must be aware that what should they do in case their ration card is stolen, lost or damaged. So all the people of the country must note down these steps, in case any one of them need to apply for a New duplicate ration card. For more details visit your nearest ration store for inquiry.

Guys you all know in India will take Few more years to make digital. So till that day, Indian need a Documents those are very helpful, and Usable for them. Now days Aadhar Card is given to everyone. Aadhar is the main identity of your. Now Government start Smart Ration card also Like Himachal Pradesh. These are called as digital ration card (Rashan Card). Now what happen when your ration card lost or Misplace from you, or Burn or Steal by someone. At that time one thing come into your mind is How can i Make A Duplicate ration card. Now this process is very simple and Convenience. Now Government Give you facility state wise to make your duplicate ration card online. You need to follow some steps, and you done.

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