Face of Namaste India Dairy Registration 2018 Form Online pdf

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Namaste India Food Private Limited is very well known to all of us. As we all know about it that this is Indian Dairy Company which supply the fresh milk and milk- made items in the markets. As we know that the head office of The Namaste India Company situated in the Kanpur Nagar in place names as Shivrajpur.

Namaste India Dairy Franchise 2018

Namaste India Dairy Franchise 2018

Guys this company expended it business in all over the country as well as in Uttar Pradesh. So guys now company wants to increase his business and wants to make the new dairy centres in the Uttar Pradesh. By joining this business, you can also make your future good with the company. So guys now you all can also take the dealership of the Namaste India and extend your business too. But guys before joining this company you have to read the terms and conditions of the company given below.

Namaste India Dairy Franchise 2018

So guys this is really good chance to work with the repudiated company of the India. By work with this company you can earn in every month and make your future bright to. Not every giving you chance to work with them, so guys this is the golden chance if you are thinking to open the business of yours. So guys previously there are thousands of persons who already started working with the company and now they can earn per month lakh of rupees. So guys if you also want to work with the company, then don’t be delay, just be ready with your documents and  apply for the dealership of Namaste India Dairy.

Guys in our locality there are so many persons, who thinking to open the business, but due to the lack of the money and start-up scheme, many of the persons leave the idea of the group. So guys Namaste India Dairy is the platform, with the help of this you can make your dream true. In New Delhi as well as in other countries also this company will gives you the opportunity to work with them, so that they can expand their business too. This company is only looking for the more and more distributors who are in search of the job and want to start the business with the company.

Benefit of the Namaste India Dairy Franchise 2018

  • You can start your own business at just spend the money of Rs.1.5 Lakh to Rs.2 Lakh.
  • Very soon the company going to open  so many other store in the different cities  of the India.
  • You can only invest to open this amount very small amount of rupees.
  • By taking the Namaste India dealership 2018 of the company store, the person who takes the dealership of the company will become the sole proprietor of the shop.
  • The total income of the company totally based on your sale of the fresh milk and milk made items.

So guys now company for expending their business, want to recruit the more and more distributor for the company.

Details of Offices Namaste India Dairy

  • Ghaziabad
  • Greater Noida
  • Jhansi
  • Uttrakhand
  • Kanpur
  • Rajasthan
  • Karnataka

Steps to take the dealership of the Namaste India Dairy

How To Get Namaste India Dairy Franchise 2018

  • So candidates if you want to become a distributor or retailer of the company firstly visit the nearest registered office of Namaste Office.
  • Then in office kindly meet with the general manager of the officer and ask him for your dealership.
  • Now show him your documents list, for which he ask and fill the application form.
  • Now submit it, and dealership certificate will be given by the Office staff concerned.

Required things for Namaste India Dairy Dealership 2018

  1. Start up invest amount of Rs.1.5 Lakh to Rs.2 Lakh
  2. Good place , where you will think that good sale of milk and milk made items
  3. Now take the good shop or outlet to start your business or office
  4. You can also recruit employee in your office
  5. Documents

Namaste India Dairy Distributorship

Guys for take the Facility of Namaste India Dairy Distributorship to your City, Please visit the official website of Namaste India Dairy and Contact to officials. In this website the applicants easily contact and fill the application forms for Distributorship. In this you need to fill your name, Address, City in witch you want to open this Branch and few other general information. The they will contact you. If there is no one contact with in 10 days, Then you can call them on there costumer care number. In this you can easily contact then and ask then for delay. After fill all the formalities you will get Distributorship or you say Dealership / Franchise of your area. Question regarding this dealership, ask in the comment section below. More updates stay in touch with us.

So guys after applying for this, the employment door will also open for the unemployed youth of you locality. so guys don’t wait for any other opportunity , this is also the golden opportunity for your to start your own business. for more details kindly  visit the official website of the Namaste India.

Contact Information

Website Address : namasteindiafood.com

Dealership contact : namasteindiafood.com/contact


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  1. dear sir
    i want to take franchies of namaste india milk product in west delhi
    i was with amul the taste of india before one year.
    now i want give challange to amul the taste of india through connected with u.


    1. You need to go Official website of Namaste India and Contact for Distributorship Thanks

      1. dear sir i want to take franchies or namastey india milk producd by south delhi
        i was th
        e taste of india amul.milk before one year
        Deepak Thakur

        1. You can apply from namastey india official website.

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