{ONGC} Solar Chulha Design Innovation Competition Result 2017 | Winner List & Name

{ONGC} Solar Chulha Design Innovation Competition Result 2017 | Solar Chulha Design Winner List, Solar Chulha Design Competition Winner Name, Oil and Natural Gad Corporation Indian

Competition organized by ONGC : promoting the use of solar energy : benefits of this competition : how to apply for the competition.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, government of India is going to organize a ONGC Solar Chulha design competition. This contest is being conducted to design , innovate and create a Solar Chulha (stove). Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is also supporting this mission and will also promote the ONGC Solar Chulha Design Competition. This competition is basically a vision of developing solar energy position in the country. The main motive of starting this competition is to develop an effective , natural and reasonable cost solar powered stove system.

Solar Chulha Design Innovation Competition Result

In our country there are many households where they are using biofuel for their cooking purpose. Burning of wood and kerosene oil in kitchen is still a common thing. In most of the rural areas these are the only source of cooking meals. These things are also harmful for ones health, as these fuel also produced various harmful substances which is injurious to health and environment, one such example is smoke.

Solar Chulha Design Innovation Competition Result 2017

Solar Chulha Design Innovation Competition Result 2017

So to reduce the use of these fuels the government of India is making out their efforts to promote solar energy in the country. Solar Chulha (Stove) is one such thing that will help the rural people to cook food without using bio fuels. For this reason this “ONGC Solar Chulha Design Competition” is being organized. In this competition one should produce such a Solar Chulha which should contain the following qualities…

Qualities Required for Solar Chulha Design Competition

  1. Must to easy to use and must be safe for the user.
  2. Ability of cooking meals for both in day time as well as at night time.
  3. Must be able to do the other cooking processes such as frying, boiling and steaming etc.
  4. The solar chulha must be built up of such material which is easily accessible in market and can be disposed of safely.
  5. The solar chulha must be capable of cooking meals for minimum 5 members family.
  6. Must be having a good quality control.
  7. Energy must be stored in it so that can be utilized during night time.
  8. The minimum cost of solar chulha must be Rs. 10,000 per unit.

Such type of solar chulha will be accepted by the government of India. For this process the ONGC Solar Chulha Design Competition is organized. The winners of this competition will also be rewarded by the government of India. The 1st prize winner will get Rs. 10 lac, the 2nd winner will get Rs. 5 lack and the 3rd winner will get Rs. 3 lack. Many more exiting prizes will also be given by the government. By this competition the government of India will serve best cooking ideas in rural and urban areas of the country.

Solar Chulha Design Competition Result 2017

So all the interested people can participate in this ONGC Solar Chulha Design Competition Result . No matter whether the person is a scientist, researcher, businessman or an individual. Any one can participate in this competition. Only those persons are not allowed to participate in this competition who works in ONGC. Whereas other can apply for it and even the students of research and academic institutions can also apply for this competition.

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To apply for the competition, the person simply needs to visit the site and click on apply online. Then follow the instruction and by following them fill the application form. In this simple way anyone can apply for the competition who holda an innovative idea for making a Solar Chulha. Whereas to gain more info about this competition stay tuned with us.

Check Result – ONGC Offcial Website

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