Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018 Telangana /Andhra Tractor Subsidy Apply Online

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018 Telangana /Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Andhra Pradesh , Yantra Lakshmi Tractor Subsidy Scheme for SC, ST Apply Online

The State government of the Telangana launch a new scheme for the farmer of the State. The main benefit of this scheme given to the farmers of the State, so that they will not face any difficulties in their work. So guys the scheme introduce with the name “Yantra  Lakshmi Scheme”. With the help of this scheme the farmer can easy buy the tractor at very low cost with subsidy benefit and the other amount will be provided to the farmer with the loan installment. So guys if you also want to take the benefit of this scheme then firstly you have to fill the online application form for the Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018

So guys as we know about our India, most of the families are depend on the agriculture and India ranks second worldwide in farm output.  As per the latest survey the 20 most important agriculture product produced in India. So guys the government of the every state day by day launched so many scheme for their loan facility for their equipments which they used for their work. So guys like all state the Telangana government launched this scheme for their farmer.

Under this scheme a farmer can buy Tractor that normally costs of Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.5 Lakh. Under this scheme the State government offers 50 percent subsidy to the farmers for buying the tractors and other agriculture equipment’s. So they can all buys these things under the “Yantra Lakshmi Scheme”. This scheme is implemented in association with the center for the Mechanization of Agriculture.

Working of Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018

  1. Under this scheme the farmer can buy a tractor that normally cots of Rs.10 Lakh for Rs.5 Lakh.
  2. This all due to the 50 per cent subsidy given by the State government of the Telangana.
  3. And the remaining amount will be given or arranged by the government via bank loan for the farmers.

So guys after announcing this scheme by the present government, the opposition parties complained to the governor , Lok Ayukt and Vigilance commission again irregularities in selecting beneficiaries to favour of TRS Leaders and their follower. As per the opposition party that there is corruption in selection manufacture firms on the ground. So guys to full fill the aim of this scheme the government appeal to all state farmers that take the benefit of this scheme. If anyone not aware about this scheme then please introduced them with the benefit of this scheme.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Telangana / Andhra Pradesh 2018

The centre government of the India already invest of Rs.14.89 crore and out of them Rs.3 Crore spent of this scheme. So guys here are the list of the equipment which are given under this scheme:-

  • Trans Planters
  • Rotators
  • Power weeders
  • Tractors
  • Mini Tractors
  1. Total cost of equipment of Rs.70 Lakh
  2. Subsidy of Rs.35 lakh back ( 50% Subsidy)

So guys this is really amazing for the farmers. That they can buy these all equipments at 50 percent off and very low price. This all due to the 50% subsidy given by the government to the applicants who apply for this scheme. You can either buy this individual or you can buy this equipment by forming the group of 5 to 7 members from your area.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2018 Apply Online

  1. So firstly if you want to take the benefit of this scheme then you have to show your agriculture land on which you doing your work.
  2. You have to fill the application form via individual or by making the group of 5 to 7 members of your area.
  3. And after the same you have to submit the application form to nearest concerned office.

So guys at last if you want to take the benefit of this scheme, then please submit your application form.  So you only have to pay the half of the cost of the equipment’s and tractors. Tractor are the Main income source of Farmers. With the help of Tractors Farmers increase there Profit to double. Yantra Lakshmi Scheme in Andhra Pradesh the CM Chandra Babu Naidu initiate this scheme and applicants those want to tale benefit of this scheme, you just need to download the all details form the official website of the Andhra Pradesh / Telangana Government. Please share your views in the comment section below.


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